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Automatic Bottle Unscramble

This bottle unscrambler is a great mid level to high speed automatic bottle unscrambler.The bottle unscrambler is able to unscramble and orient a wide variety of bottles shapes and sizes. The model also features a bottle inversion stage which can be used for air rinsing the inside of each bottle. The bottle unscrambler is best suited for mid level to large companies seeking improvement in automated packaging processes.

Main Features

  • 1) Torque limit part is designed for the main motor reducer so as to protect the machinery if malfunctions occur
  • 2) Two put-casts in one cycle ensure that every work location should be with one bottle, which enhances bottle output efficiency
  • 3) The bottles are neck locked through the air conveyor so as to avoid overturn in delivery
  • 4) Dilapidated bottles will be eliminated by a special device
  • 5) A lock detector is equipped for alarming; when locked, the machine will automatically stop
  • 6) A photoelectric switch is set for starting when there is no bottle and stopping when there are bottles
  • 7) An oil pump will readily fill up the gears, bearings and the cams
  • 8) Maintenance doors and mould replacement door provided
  • 9) Mitsubishi, Omron and Siemens provide the main electrical components; such as transducers, PLC, photoelectric switch and relayDimension(mm):φ2200*2100/φ2400*2300


Automatic bottle unscramble machine with belt type systems integration equipment, bottle convenient operation, User friendly simple maintenance and reliable running. This bottle unscrambled machine consists of bottle rotary plate with lifter, mainframe and conveyors. Bottles rotating systems with food grade belts conveying systems to the unscrambling device with bottle standing on the conveyor belts.

Our bottle unscramble machine is heavy-duty stainless steel 304 frame, food grade belt and conveyor chain as well container / bottle contact parts, Automatic Bottle Unscrambles are food grade materials and durable. All bottle contact parts is Stainless Steel or a Gmp, cGMP, FDA/USDA approved food grade material uses on request by customer.

Our bottle unscramble machine is best suitable for Pharma-line Production line machines, with their many optional and integrated, bottle inline ionized + air rinse and vacuum, our bottle shorter best and high speed application suited for production like Cosmetic , Agro chemical , Pesticide, foods, beverage, dairy, water, juice, food, household products, personal care, pharmaceutical, motor oil , Edible and Lube oil , pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals’ and vitamin industries. They easily handle all tablet and liquid containers: rounds, squares, rectangles, ovals and jars PE, PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, Aluminium, surfaces soft-touch.