Chili Sauce Filling Machine
Chili sauce is a condiment that adds spice and flavor to anything from Asian recipes to Western favorites. It can be used as a wonderful dip for finger foods of all kinds or a side sauce to add more spice to food. It provides more of a kick than adding just salt and pepper.

Chili-based sauces and pastes are condiments prepared with chili peppers.

Chili sauce may be hot, sweet or a combination thereof, and may differ from hot sauce in that many sweet or mild varieties exist, which is typically lacking in hot sauces. Several varieties of chili sauce include sugar in their preparation, such as the Thai sweet chili sauce and Filipino agre dulce, which adds sweetness to their flavor profile. Sometimes, chili sauces are prepared with red tomato as primary ingredients. Chili sauce may have a thicker texture and viscosity when compared to that of hot sauces.

Chili paste usually refers to a paste where the main ingredient is chili pepper. Some are used as a cooking ingredient, while others are used to season a dish after preparation. Some are fermented with beans, as in Chinese doubanjiang, and some are prepared with powdered fermented beans, as in Korean gochujang. There are different regional varieties of chili paste and also within the same cuisine.

Chili sauces and pastes can be used as a dipping sauce, cooking glaze and marinade. Many commercial varieties of mass-produced chili sauce and paste exist.

Chilli sauce bottle filling equipment is automatic and functionally complete. Small investment will bring a high output and great quality. Chilli sauce bottle filling line all in compliance with the requirements of the food safety law. The chilli sauce bottle filling equipment is suitable for tomato sauce, peanut, butter, jam, seasoning sauce, creamy and granule. The chilli sauce filling machine is comprised of washing machine, tunnel sterilizing, labeling machine and packing machine.

Chili Sauce Sample

The sample only shows part of the bottles. Our chili sauce filling machine is suitable for all kinds of plastic and glass round bottles, square bottles and special-shaped bottles, etc.

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